Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why Charity Fails

We have fostered among an underclass of unmotivated and unintelligent people the false notion of equality. Not only is the vote of any member of the underclass equal to the most intelligent of society, but our public schools actually assert that the least intelligent and least capable is truly of essence equal.

Now we come to the issue of charity. Our quasi-socialist leftist Democracy asserts that we must redistribute the wealth of more-productive and more-intelligent to the underclass to fix the supposed injustice nature created by giving unequal abilities. Just as important as this though is that we must pretend the "injustice" does not exist, we must not acknowledge the inequality except in social terms. Because of this we manufacture lies so that we can step around the obvious natural reasons - we must make claim to social injustice and ignore the real natural "injustice".

This bureaucratized form of charity based on lies beats down our best individuals to the level of our least individuals. We do not allow the best a chance to practice charity on their own, but take their wealth by force and give it to the lesser - telling the lesser that they deserve it, that they are entitled!

By this process charity is undermined, its purpose destroyed. It removes any spiritual and genuine generosity. It turns what could have been a natural act of kindness into an act of violence. This modern "charity" is in reality theft. The state does the theft on behalf of the thief and moves any potential punishment to the victim. No feelings of generosity from the object of charity to the giver or even to society as a whole. The thief feels he deserves what has been stolen on his behalf, always demanding more. Further, this mechanized process never allows the giver to select a case for charity based on circumstances - it makes no distinction between those who may do well by charity and those who are parasites, or even those who it may actually do harm.

Our modern state destroys any possible good that could come from genuine charity. Further its destructive influence extends to cases outside those the state control. Should an individual, of his own accord, seek to make charity his act will be met with no generosity, but simply a demand for more until he too is just as "equal" as the lowest.

The modern world changes all things so as to remove anything truly good from them. Though that does not go far enough into the situation - the modern world actually invert and pervert all processes so that the meaning is thoroughly altered and what may have once done good now actually increases evil.

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