Saturday, December 1, 2012

Noise Conceals

The modern age is filled with incessant noise and distractions. A core attribute is the unending quantity and constant production of noise.

Noise in this sense refers both to the actual quality of producing sound, but also the constant mental distractions that constantly demand attention. The products of our popular music, television, film, magazines, radio and more. These products always demand attention, always claim to communicate something important or desirable, but in reality offer nothing of value.

Value comes when these things are dismissed, blocked, turned off. Only then can you see what this noise has all along concealed. Only then can you get closer to reality.

Many fear this absence of noise. They fear this absence of information for consumption. They feel they need the television on - to fill a void.

The void is real. The void is the emptiness at the center of modern life. The void is the core incoherent belief of moderns that there is no God, there is no truth, there is no purpose to life. The void lies at the end of the left's all-consuming progress. The yawning void beckons to swallow everything and only the noise can block out this terrible truth.

Alternatively, eliminating the noise can finally put you back in touch with life. In the silence you may discover a reality that the media served to only cloud. You may discover that the void we were running away from all along does not have to be our only goal and that something greater lies at the height of all reality. That higher truth is what really gives life both meaning and purpose. The truth is what makes life coherent.

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