Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Weight of Nothingness

Utter realization of the total absence of meaning or purpose is a suffocating weight to bear. Accepting the essential and total existence of nothing has an ultimate end in madness and despair. The modern fills his life with pleasant mental distractions to obscure visions where his path leads. He proudly announces his willingness to let go, to fall into the abyss because he truly believes there is no other choice, no turning back. His mind can not truly accept the horror.

With nothing and nothing - no action, love, creation, feeling or joy having any substance. Ultimately they are all totally empty, for we are nothing but random particles organized for reproduction, but even this makes no sense because ultimately reproduction and evolution too are absurd and serve no purpose. Every potential for truth is cynically cast aside: "lies and illusions."

Ironically the modern can not mentally handle the truth. He knows his mind was not built to accept such conclusions, but his philosophy leaves him no other choice. There then is nothing to do, but flood our mind with pleasant illusions until the abyss swallows our material presence and mental processes. Mere particles bouncing around and creating a pleasant illusion out of essential and total nothingness.

Does his soul scream at this? Worse than hell - not even such a profound structure - he has a total, all-encompasing darkness that blots and casts a shadow over any hope of life. Eventually the universe will collapse on itself again, and nothingness will resound eternally. What then does anything matter? It does not, can not, and even the question poses a problem, for any attempt at anything is absurd.

Why bother? Majestic kingdoms of pure and total beauty. But they were mere fools, for the wise modern casts aside all illusions and knows beauty does not exists. We may as well make grotesque incomprehensible figures that fit sad humor, because nothing is more and nothing is less. The greatest peace in this vision is the utter and total equality of all matter and all nothingness, for nothing can be made or thought or done that is not mere absurdity of incomprehensible thoughts that have no truth (none can exist).

There are some who chose to think, to see where the blind are walking. To turn aside from the path of emptiness and seek the remythologization of life. We few may seek and never give up hope to find truth, beauty and love. We see where the modern is afraid to look, at the root of and end of insane and false beliefs. The cloud of lies may be pierced: only two choices to be made. We accept hope and reject their utter despair.

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