Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Only A Blip

While the ingredients for disaster have been brewing for a while, others have argued, and I tend to agree, that the the current leg of our journey can be marked as beginning in the early 1960's. For the sake of an estimate, let us say 1962.

In that frame, the close of 2012 will mark the 50th anniversary of our total and uninterrupted acceptance of "change" and "progress" towards modern humanistic goals like equality. The propaganda has convinced the masses that we are currently the pinnacle of human achievement. Our level of "progress" is the best mankind has achieved in all of history.

It is not worth reiterating here the failures, but only to point out how truly little of a blip this modern way is. This modern way most now assume is the only way, as if it could be no other way and must continue as such into the future.

While the following estimate is flawed, let us still conservatively mark the beginning of human history around 8,000 BC with agricultural communities in Mesopotamia. From that point, to today, we have an assumed 10,012 years of human civilization. Of that 10,012 years, only 50 represent the total ascension of modern leftism. So, it is commonly accepted that in 0.5% of our known timeline, in the middle of an incomplete experiment, we moderns are better simply because we exist now and not then. This presumed superiority does not extend to just a couple individuals, but the entire mass of modern humans and to all human endeavors - simply because we live now and believe in progress.

This assumption is certainly one of the most absolutely foolish and idiotic in history.

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