Saturday, December 29, 2012


The modern life is destructive to and an obstacle to seeking good. Specifically, the mentality it promotes and reinforces through habit is harmful and false. We are a society of form fillers and legal definition. This might give an impression to those seeking God to expect a strict legal definition - check box A, B, C, and sign in duplicate.

The modern entitled individual also finds the idea of Heaven and Hell unjust. They think it is not fair. If there is a Heaven, they should be entitled, no matter what their choices in life - because all our choices are equal. If they do seek Heaven, they would like to simply pay the membership dues or submit the annual insurance payment and then turn the TV back on and forget all about it.

These notions are wrong and misleading. It is important to clear them from the mind and the hidden truth of Heaven and Hell open itself to the seeker.

An old metaphor in regards to guiding a ship or traveling to a destination is apt here. Where do you want to go? What do you seek?

What God offers is the ultimate in justice and fairness: He offers that we should find what we seek. Even in the material sense: what hope do we have of going somewhere if it is not our goal and we do not actively pursue it? Or even that we are at least open to the truth? Only those who seek truth may and will find it.

Now if we imagine a man who wanders aimlessly, not seeking any goal, maybe he just rapes and destroys whatever he happens to find during his randomness. What then can we expect his life to amount to but Hell? If one accepts the idea of an eternal soul, a soul that never sought the good can never find it: it will find eternal separation from the truth, from God, it will forever be mired in Hell. This is both just and the only way it could be.

Even for those who do not accept the eternal nature of the soul, any slight sensitivity to life may recognize that every action resounds eternally. The choice made each moment is an eternal choice. A life mired in separation from good and truth will leave nothing but an echo of Hell for all eternity.

The direction you choose determine what you shall find, in this life and forever.

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