Monday, December 3, 2012

Evil as Falsehood and the Denial of Truth

Truth is the foundation of reality. Ultimate truth at the height of reality in totality. God is the pure truth we seek to understand.

Evil is present in modern affairs. Evil first inverts truth, then denies the ultimate existence of truth. That is, first it obscures what is most important, then once that is achieved it hides that truth is even possible.

These are the tactics at root of modern life. We have taken it further, with endless noise concealing the possibility of the question "is truth possible?", because the question itself may be quickly seen for a contradiction that can only lead to absurdity or the acceptance of ultimate truth. Here obscurity becomes necessary to evil, to accept that truth is available but invert and confuse the seeker. What was once bad is now good.

If we remain intelligent and ignore the distractions, we can accept truth exists. If we pierce the veil of obscurity and lies, we may begin our journey towards that truth.

Godspeed to you.

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