Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Renewing Good Men

The worship of technology has forgotten that man remains the most important component.

No matter how grand the cities we build nor how large the pile of wealth we save, all may be wasted in a generation without good men renewing and directing their lives in accordance with the good. In the past century we have tossed aside thousands of years of wisdom in exchange for lysenkoism and blank slate theories that ignore reality in order to favor the politically expedient goals of destructive revolutionaries.

The answer is not in technology, nor is it in beautiful works of art, nor even the greatest works of literature. If we leave behind only imbeciles and the corrupt to interpret these, they will be misunderstood and subverted.

In the end, we must place our faith in the permanence and insolubility of God. We only have one way forward: a leadership divinely ordained from above, and a distinctive hierarchical system that continues to renew, promote, and protect the best in men.

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