Monday, December 31, 2012

Death Metal is Christian

A "satanic" Death Metal band may be more Christian than a modern liberal Christian. Specifically, they are closer to the truth and may be closer to finding truth than a liberal Christian who lies and twists the meaning of Christianity to fit secular leftist agendas.

The modern left lives a life of twisted and deceitful lies, hiding every day from truth and obeying the greatest liars. The left takes claim to the word "good," but inverts its essence.

The counter-culture of metal begins as a reaction against secular leftism disguised as Christianity. The leftist version of Christianity being fundamentally anti-Christian and inverted, the follower of metal is rejecting the inversion and thus rejecting the lies.

Death metal does not necessarily lead to a greater pursuit of truth or goodness, but it may be a step in the right direction. Seeing the secular left hide from truth, many Death Metal bands sought to reestablish truth first - that is, in accepting once again the reality of death, misery and suffering that remain fundamental aspects of worldly life.

The modern world shuns reality and fills their lives with pleasant distractions, while the metal counter-culture youth instinctively rejects what they know in their heart to be lies. This is a rejection of appearances and an inversion of appearances. Where the left attempts to conceal their lies behind a mirage of good, the metal culture may conceal truth (and thus real goodness) by appearing bad. This is a direct reaction against and inversion of the internal values of leftism - a path that may potentially lead to a rekindling of truth.

What is life?
When you die, you'll see a dawn of realize
When you fall you will rise

Your conscious is eternal
No need of the flesh
Feel the spirits around
Enter the unknown

Enter The Depths Of Eternal Darkness, Therion

Many rebellious youth fail in fully rejecting the lies of appearances and taking the next step towards seeking good, but it is an irony of our twisted age that self-professed anti-Christians may be closer to finding Christian truth than self-proclaimed Christians who have inverted and twisted the meaning of their religion to conform to true evil. A defining trait of our age is hypocrisy.

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