Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Spring is approaching, but on a large scale we may see Western Civilization existing in what amounts to a long Winter.

The leftist and progressive forces of the modern world believe every day brings them closer to victory. The firewood gets used up, or sabotaged by "progress". The food stores are consumed, or purposely spoiled by the forces of the left.

"Who says you should keep the jar air-sealed? Maybe it will taste better with maggots - don't be so backwards!"

Eventually Spring will come, but will we have enough fuel and food left to survive? The task of the right and conservatives at this point amounts to protecting the preserves from internal sabotage and bandits.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Jesus Commandments as an Exercise in Free Will

"For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?" - MT 5:46
To follow my previous commentary on free will, we see here a challenge posed: if you only love those who love you, what makes you better or even human? Even the lowest of the humans show their own affection, the same with animals.

So we see the common human behavior, to care only for those who care for you, as the default human action, the default animal action. The selfish choice, the modern argues, is exercising free choice. In reality, this "free choice" is the non-free choice. It only demonstrates that one has done exactly what would be expected from any number of animals.

To go above and beyond that though, to make a choice beyond what even the publicans do is breaking through beyond the basest mental state, where no thought is required, to a higher mental plane. To truly exercise free choice, to fully realize the individual by going beyond the individual, as in "he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it."

Friday, March 8, 2013

Faith in God is the Only Rational Choice

Every single day of our lives we exercise faith, without generally be aware of its all-encompassing presence. That is, we live by faith. Everything we do, from eating, driving a vehicle, raising a family is faith-based.

So the question is not fundamentally about faith versus non-faith, it is about where our faith is placed. As a society today, we place our faith in abstract human notions of economy, democracy, equality. Many place faith in their television, that it will soothe their boredom and emptiness. Many place their faith in material consumer comforts, such as that a new car will provide happiness.

An intelligent adult, and hopefully any adult, should quickly become aware that faith in these things does not provide. That is, it is empty. There may be temporary alleviations of states of boredom and unhappiness, but it will always be replaced by more desires, or require greater doses. That is what modern society is and provides us with: junk food. It may look appealing, and it is rather good at tricking kids, but it ends up leaving us slightly ill and nauseated feeling, and a lifetime of it is guaranteed to end in cancer.

Recognizing that we have no choice but to have faith, we can either remain in a foolish adolescent and ignorate state, hoping that the poison will somehow satisfy us, or we can give up and purposely drown our consciousness in always larger sensations, or we can make the rational and adult choice and place our faith in something higher. That is, something transcendent of worldly illusions.

The great religions have all touched on this subject in one way or another. Jesus told us to not "store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal." Objectively, the Egyptian Pyramids were among the greatest material achievements of mankind, and yet there too we see the forces of time and lesser man permitting and promoting decay. Not that the Pyramids primary goals were material, they were not, but the point stands.

So raise your sight and faith to higher realities. Do not allow yourself to be like the savage men, nor the lustful men, but become a transcendent man.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Moderns wrongly equate temptation with individual choice. That is, what tempts us, and our ability to obtain and fulfill the temptation, is free choice.

Yet, as the previous post emphasized, we must go a step further and realize that all temptations and desires have been reduced to a lowest-common-denominator, the great equality so that all individuals may be tempted and "freely" chose the same thing.

So what is this greatest of idiotic ironies? Moderns claim the ultimate celebration of our unique individuality is to subsume all that makes us unique and to simply desire the same things that are common to all animal forms of life do: sex, food, comfort.

What then makes humans special? Only that we get more of those things than the other animals. What base foolishness.

Everday Free Choice

Moderns purport to have a greater degree of free choice than ever before historically. Yet we witness the exercise of this choice merely as an attempt to pursue temptation. The hunger is only limited by units of credit the individual has obtained. This sort of choice is celebrated immensely.

Here is a common example of modern free choice: "Once I win the lottery, do I buy a mansion or a yacht? Or maybe even a sports car!"

The economy and materialism are so dominant that all "choice" is merely a matter of express how one intends to worship these idols.

This is where we may see the embrace of a Nietzsche-like Nihilism as beneficial, to smash down the illusions hold modern man with a empty subset within his thought prison. Once freed, he may open himself to real possibilities in life, and perhaps embrace the real meaning and focus of life that ancient traditions made it their priority to tranasmit.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013


The left is characterized by lies, fear and hatred. Out of fear, they deceitfully portray conservatives as hateful.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Illusions on the glowing screen display the constructed world of a fraudulent society. To alleviate the boredom and frustration of stress, acting, and repetition that highlights a modern existence. The constant striving, and never relief from, a hunger for joy. Moments slip by as the scenery rolls by, life slips by.

The life of illusions and distractions leaves a dull ache in the soul. An endless dissatisfaction. The entertainment acts similar to alcohol, dulling the intellect and most sensitive nature of man, helping him to dismiss his fallen state.

The distractions lose interest over time though. To maintain the attraction they need to forever be louder, brighter, more exciting, more violent. Man becomes more brutish, losing the touch of his higher nature. Man becomes both stupider and desensitized for it.

His heart no longer finds joy in what once was proof of transcendent truths of good and beauty. His heart can't find joy, for it has become hardened. The subtle truth no longer evokes images of greatness and mystery - of endless cosmos.

The loss of sensitivity no longer allows for real sadness or tragedy either. Everything must be feelingness and anesthetized. Dull comfort - man will not feel true joy or torturous pain.

What is the net result of this loss? Evil.

Man no longer sensitive no longer realizes goodness and badness for what it is, he can no longer feel so easily the apparent and real difference. The hypocrisy and deceit of society slowly creeps in, inverting truths, and man so dull never the wiser. This is where man has been lead. Anesthized and stupid, he has  walked right into hell.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Is all Earthly Warfare Really Spiritual Warfare?

"The fruits have been catastophically declining birth rates in Catholic countries and a spiritual vacuum now being filled, in Europe, by Muslim immigrants."

Peter O. invokes a very interesting image. The decline in Europe correlates directly to their lack of and abandonment of the traditional faith. Was this faith the pillar on which a people and civilization rest? Perhaps the earthly manifestations are direct manifestations of the spiritual warfare.

Where the West has lost its faith, they are being quickly replaced by people who maintaing and live their faith.

The West's path of leftism, its spiritual suicide, is manifesting itself as a literal physical suicide.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

God's Truth in Nature

There is a sort of schizophrenia in the left. A mental illness that is essential to the left, without which it would perish.

In this is why the left ultimately must and will fail. The left is a careful balance between incoherent, illogical, unreal principles and scientific discovery. The increase in scientific society has allowed the left to overcome nature (i.e. against God), but at the same time because real science is based on discovering God's truth, to understanding God's creation, the left is essentially opposed to scientific discovery.

For example, in regards to racial differences, the left is completely and totally opposed to scientific discoveries. The overwhelming proof of distinct IQ differences between races is routinely and completely suppressed. Mention of these differences could even lead to career suicide, yet the left's platform of "affirmative action" and wealth redistribution is essentially and completely based on these same racial differences. Scientific success in the material realm that allows for greater societal wealth is enabling us to try and pretend all races and individuals are somehow equal, and the left enforces this through political and legal means, yet at the same time the left is totally and essentially opposed to any mention of the scientific truth in this regard.

So the left attempts to invert religious truth by claiming it is in opposition to nature. Not in the sense that we should overcome base natural tendencies, but in the denial of truth as found in nature. Homosexuality is obviously not beneficial to the propagation of genetic material, and traditional religious recognize it as a subversion of God's natural order towards reproduction, yet the left attacks the religious perspective from grounds enabled by scientific discoveries, the enjoyment of luxury that permits a person to make a bad choice and disconnect from reality. The left has become so disconnected from reality that they no longer recognize the disconnect. They honestly and sincerely believe their own lies.

The sincerity of belief will be the ultimate failure. When they become so disconnect from all good things that they do not recognize the harm they are running towards, when they throw away what enables their disconnect - as they do more so every day - they undermine their own foundation, or commit suicide. This could also be seen as God's justice. By denying God, by denying the truth and reality as found in His creation, by acting in purposefully harmful and destructive ways they work to destroy themselves.

Satan's Rule Over the World

Men who seek to be moral and good may find their drive for worldly power limited by these things. Or another way to put it, realize that the drive for worldly power should not be the primary end of man. For example, if the pursuit of power depended on murdering a good man, Christians would oppose this evil. Even without Christianity, the vast majority of people realize that taking innocent lives is wrong - a natural morality.

The anthropomorphic creature that best represents evil and immorality may be defined as Satan. So we could say, Satan and his minions, or those who willingly do evil to reach a specific goal or purposefully do evil because it is who they are will not have the above issue. The father of lies will of course lie, constantly and always wherever and whenever. They would also disobey or break any natural or Biblical morality.

So in a Democratic society, the foundation of power is based on the manipulation of people. Obviously, those who are evil will have more sway over an evil, stupid, or morally-ambivelant populace. The evil will not stop at lying, murder, theft, etc. to achieve and hold on to power. So without a good person or people directly opposing evil, in an environment where manipulation determines power, evil will naturally triumph. Democracy stands, by nature, in favor of evil and only avoids evil by the specific and constant activity of good people. This could be contrasted with a divine Kingship which stands, by nature, oriented towards good.

So in the present modern materially-focused West, which denies the existence of evil, we find a society essentially oriented in favor of evil and all its related effects (lying, theft, adultery, sodomy, etc.) and away from immaterial and transcendent good. Unfortunately, all mass media and most mainstream culture at the current time is not just ignorant of good, but disrespectful of it. It is essentially bad. In a society where everyone is permissive and accepting of evil, Satan tends to triumph in worldly affairs.

Many realize to dominate in the material world and permissive society requires an immoral attitude, that sees no essential, natural, or religious boundaries to behavior. This person is willing to do great harm for personal gain, without regard for the consequences other people and society in general suffer, ignoring what is good, eternal, transcendent and true. Here we see the notion: they sacrifice or sell their souls for material gain. They may rule during their brief lifespan in this world, but they suffer eternally. They may knowingly make this exchange, even passing on solely-material worldly rule and power to their children.
The LORD is longsuffering, and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation.
Even with these sacrifices, eventually worldly power even kept in families wanes. Satan's rule is restricted to this world and those souls that give themselves over. There is still great good in the world, though man has fallen, and God heeds prayer and intervenes with miracles.

So while a good man may not sacrifice his soul, may forsake some material gain for his moral character's sake, he finds a dimensionally different and infinitely greater good instead.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Leftism and Choice

Leftists have a deep problem with the concept of free-choice. They argue "if God exists and is all good, he should not permit evil."

Let's explore the two possible outcomes from this line of thought:

1) God should allow for all choices to result in good (and not suffering):

This is a loudly praised idea among mainstream liberal society. Tolerance and acceptance of all choices. Nobody should be made to suffer for the consequences of their actions, whether they result in death, obesity, AIDs, child molestation, etc.

The fundamental absurdity of this position is immediately apparent once stated so simply: if all choices were equal and good, choice loses all meaning - becomes non-existant, meaningless. This leftist position is indefensible and a fundamental denial of reality.

2) God should prevent us from making bad choices:

Here we see the foundation of the "nanny state," where children (and even adults) are no longer trusted with pocket knives. Where every corner must be carefully wrapped in styrofoam, etc. Increasingly also we see a totalitarian police force monitoring, watching, and forbidding bad choices. Liberals think God made a mistake in allowing the possibility of suffering that results from bad choices and instead would like to prevent us from making bad choices. They want to force us to make what they have defined as good choices: equality, wealth redistribution, etc.

Another outgrowth of this is the constant and incessant propaganda, manipulation and persuasion techniques taken and expressed through mainstream media and government mouthpieces. Where they can't monitor and physically force, they would like the mental control to prevent us from exercising free choice.

The consequence of this choice also becomes obvious when so stated: automatons.


So we see in mainstream society two main liberal trends. On the one hand, we must be tolerant and accepting of all choices. On the other, we should be forced into behaving properly. More specifically, this has taken the following form: we must be tolerant and accepting of all leftist choices (whatever may be in trend/favor at this time, but always anti-family, anti-tradition, anti-west) and we must be increasingly forced physically and mentally to act leftist, to chose leftist either because we're "tolerant" of it or because we are mentally conditioned to chose it, or because we are afraid of the physical repercussions of not choosing it.

Where does this lead? To Hell on earth: man's attempt at subverting and inverting the will of God.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Multiculturalism is Incompatible With Truth

The ideal of a multicultural Democracy is incompatible with truth and wisdom. Because the most important topics contain truths which are politically incorrect in a pluralistic society, the left constantly pushes society away from truth and towards the abyss of hypocrisy and lies. Public education purposely ignores or distorts essential topics like death, religion, morals, intelligence and race.

Public education dares not teach anything worth teaching because politically it is incompatible with a multicultural society. Therefore, public education does the youth of Western civilization not merely a disservice, but a great evil. Religious truths are not acceptable, because not everyone accepts the same religious truths. Morals are not acceptable, because they are tied to different cultures and often conflict. Instead we get a meaningless drivel that only prepares students to be obedient to bureaucracy and salaried positions. 

Our population is raised foremost to be obedient to bureaucracy from a very early age. The inconsistency and stupidity of teachings are aware to many youth, who are quickly trained to not speak out for fear of being punished and reprimanded (such as through the grading system) for being too intelligent about obvious truths and not accepting the leftist cult's lies. 

It is no wonder our last election went to the Democrats. The Democrats avoid discussing all critical and important topics and make empty promises and constant lies. These lies though are the socially acceptable things to talk about as per our public education and media system. 

This major flaw at the core of multicultural Democracy is perfectly reflected in our failure to address the fundamental and imminent collapse of the US economic system. We keep postponing the obvious and inevitable collapse, making empty promises about "recovery" and "growth" on TV, while pursuing the same strategy as a third-world dictatorship: just print money and inflate the currency. Our society had no hope of providing to our posterity or even addressing the imminent question of death that every human faces. Instead we just turn the volume a little higher on the entertainment and try not to notice the chest pains and tingling in our arm.

Our society is fundamentally and essentially incompatible with truth. Because of this, it does both a great harm and evil to its populace and the natural world. Death is the greatest of these truths we try to avoid, and as such we remain blind to it: so blind and oblivious that it is the exact destination we aim towards with ever greater speed, because to avert this course would first require to acknowledge it and allow the entire tower of leftist lies to collapse.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

There is No Retreat From Leftism

There is no state at which the left will be satiated without the utter destruction of everything related to "higher nature" in life.

Leftist fundamentally hate anything which gives order. This is a fundamental state of always rebelling. Any restriction on the individual is something to be undermined and rejected. This began with God, the highest state of order and truth. Next it removed Kings and the aristocracy. Then it attacked the higher classes, the intelligent elite.

See a pattern?

They are never satisfied with simply destroying a particular part of the order. They want to destroy ALL order. They attack whatever is is the highest form of the order at the present time and will continue to attack and destroy the order the find.

Where now do they strike?

We see them attacking "the rich" - people who produce and provide jobs, who provide the majority of government and tax revenue and pay for all welfare and entitlement programs. They attack whites, the segment of the population that tends to vote the most conservative, who commits the least amount of crime and tend to be the most ordered and productive - the originators of Western Civilization which the left hates because it is the most organized and highest form of civilization.

In a remarkably cogent blog entry, Mark Richardson shows (1) that according to liberalism, all whites are racist; (2) that “anti-racism” is therefore simply a campaign to destroy the white race and its civilization; and (3) that liberals hate the white race because they see it as a symbol of the spiritual order or authority that is external to the self and thus limits the freedom of the self. In short, liberals hate whites, and thus their own whiteness, for the same reason that they hate God. 

What the left also hates is pointing out the fundamental lies of their argument, such as clear IQ differences among ethnic groups, the truth of entitlements draining society and destroying, the truth of "aid programs" to countries like Africa doing more harm than good, the truth that guns actually reduce incidences of crime. The left is essentially hypocritical, inverting all goodness and making it evil. From a Christian perspective, the left is fundamentally and essentially liars: their works are evil, opposed to God. A mythical interpretation would be that the left is above all Satanic, born of evil and lies.

Because of this, there is no retreat. Every inch given does not reduce the intensity of attack. They will not be stop until all is destroyed and sacrificed upon the alter of evil. Even then, they will never find satisfaction in this life or in the realm of Hell. That is their curse and essential trait, disguised and built on a throne of lies.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Individuality as Slavery

The celebration of "individuality" in modern society is a clever marketing ploy to break healthy values in youth. It is a very simple and transparent process. Once allegiance is broken by replacing authority (church/parents with a celebrated modern person), social pressure is implemented (you are bad by following your parents example, you should follow the celebrating modern person), then the modern person is simply portrayed performing a desired action combined with portraying that person as exciting or happy.

This seems to work especially well with women: whatever male has the most attention becomes the most desired male, whatever woman has the most attention because who women most want to copy.

Men generally have a more direct sex appeal : do this or you will be shunned by women (or insignificant, weak).

Fundamentally, what does it demonstrate - more than mental manipulation? It demonstrates where humans place their meaning in life. Allegiance and subversion to secular values. Foolishly thinking they are rebelling against all authority and making free choice, they instead find their choices made and enforced for them via secular means. Renouncing good, they have no means by which to judge good but for what constant propaganda influences place upon them.

This is similar to the mechanisms of cults: all outside contact and authority is broken, all social contact is limited to other members and all authority placed upon the leader. In this case, we find the cult has become "mainstream", nevertheless we see its truth in the general harm and evil it causes. Of course, it claims this evil is good, because having broken contact with God (and even nature) the "individuals" no longer have a means to judge good.

From a Christian perspective, one would see a parallel to Satan. Satan having rebelled against God falls and creates evil. Here, those who rebel against God and traditional values find their values replace by Satan's and their will directed towards evil. They are not free, but merely demonstrating their submission and slavery to evil.
At its simplest, a person who follows every fashion wherever it leads, or a person who has face and body carved into that of a younger or different person, or a person who marks or mutilates himself and displays the result with pride... such a person is advertising their subordination to secular values.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Vicious Circle

Where the world hides its emptiness behind lies and mirages, death metal often clarifies what a world without God really looks like:
Necromancer, the rites of dementia,
See what the death looks like,
Souls from the limbo, coming with eternal flames,
Arrive in circles of trembling hands.
No inferno but also no heavens,
No god on his golden throne,
Promised Eden turned into desert,
Empty space and dead remains.
Spectral mouth tells hopeless truth,
In unknown words massacring the mind,
There is nothing after life,
What we can imagine now and here.
Infinitely full of posthumous nothing,
Greed for immorality,
Is only despair now,
Caught in the waiting for nowhere,
Selling the souls for oblivion's price,
"I must be immortal"
Nocturnal stagnancy as I burn my candles,
Sanity now dozes and waits for a day,
Nightmares in their real dimensions,
No hope now...
Soon I will die...
No inferno but also no heavens,
No god on his golden throne,
Promised Eden turned into desert,
Empty space and dead remains.

Most people do not even get far enough to comprehend what lies at the heart of all leftist philosophy, beyond the empty abstractions and pleasant illusions.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Something Missed

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you - Matthew 7:7
Before any truth can be discovered, it must be sought.

Most discussions tend to be meaningless. Fundamentally, they do not seek any meaning or truth. The words bounce off each other, people talk around each other, and the point is missed.

It is difficult to discover truth. To find God. Perhaps in our fallen state it is impossible without divine intervention. As humble individuals we may hope to partake of some part in God's goodness, but being only human we are prone to mistake and error. The important thing is to remain in a state of seeking - to pursue truth with all one's heart.
Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.  - Matthew 7:6
It is typically human that we remain mired in ignorance, unaware of our ignorance. We tend to not even realize we are missing what we miss. It is rare indeed a man who can recognize his own ignorance and then proceed to seek God.

Here we find the essential problem with entertainment. In times of wisdom we recognized our unhappiness and sought a solution. Now we distract ourselves for fear that we may grow aware of the problem and the fact that modern philosophy denies even the possibility of a solution.