Monday, March 17, 2014

Distorting Good

A modern theme of action is to take a Christian or natural moral virtue and distort or alter it for the purposes of evil.

Such as charity, which is to mean a Christian and explicitly spiritual love - wherein material actions are subsumed and of consequent, but not purpose. We have inverted this cross by replacing the objective, God, with an insatiable array of strictly material objectives so that this virtue becomes sin.

That is, by modern standards it is considered "wrong" for any person to have any material desire not being actively met. For any person to ever feel any hunger now is a great injustice which must be combated by all means available, while traditionally many would fast as good spiritual exercise.

Is it any wonder that 70% of Americans are overweight?

So, in the name of "charity" we give a morbidly obese person excesses of food, because they are "hungry." No orientation to a spiritual purpose is ever present, but we enable and encourage gluttony. In fact, to incorporate a spiritual purpose makes this strictly material giving wrong by modern standards!

Another example: to invert "brotherhood" such that horrible excesses of murder are to be justified in the French Revolution and a wide array of Communist governments.

This appears to be how evil always operates. Because evil goes away from God and contains nothing in itself but destruction, it is by nature limited to distorting and disfiguring good and beauty as its only means of "creation" (e.g. Tolkien's orcs or "modern art"). Evil rarely shows its face directly, but operates through distortion and lies - claiming for itself a mask of virtue to hide the rotting, diseased corpse (the popularity of plastic surgery may speak volumes on this).