Sunday, March 3, 2013

Everday Free Choice

Moderns purport to have a greater degree of free choice than ever before historically. Yet we witness the exercise of this choice merely as an attempt to pursue temptation. The hunger is only limited by units of credit the individual has obtained. This sort of choice is celebrated immensely.

Here is a common example of modern free choice: "Once I win the lottery, do I buy a mansion or a yacht? Or maybe even a sports car!"

The economy and materialism are so dominant that all "choice" is merely a matter of express how one intends to worship these idols.

This is where we may see the embrace of a Nietzsche-like Nihilism as beneficial, to smash down the illusions hold modern man with a empty subset within his thought prison. Once freed, he may open himself to real possibilities in life, and perhaps embrace the real meaning and focus of life that ancient traditions made it their priority to tranasmit.

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