Friday, January 25, 2013


Illusions on the glowing screen display the constructed world of a fraudulent society. To alleviate the boredom and frustration of stress, acting, and repetition that highlights a modern existence. The constant striving, and never relief from, a hunger for joy. Moments slip by as the scenery rolls by, life slips by.

The life of illusions and distractions leaves a dull ache in the soul. An endless dissatisfaction. The entertainment acts similar to alcohol, dulling the intellect and most sensitive nature of man, helping him to dismiss his fallen state.

The distractions lose interest over time though. To maintain the attraction they need to forever be louder, brighter, more exciting, more violent. Man becomes more brutish, losing the touch of his higher nature. Man becomes both stupider and desensitized for it.

His heart no longer finds joy in what once was proof of transcendent truths of good and beauty. His heart can't find joy, for it has become hardened. The subtle truth no longer evokes images of greatness and mystery - of endless cosmos.

The loss of sensitivity no longer allows for real sadness or tragedy either. Everything must be feelingness and anesthetized. Dull comfort - man will not feel true joy or torturous pain.

What is the net result of this loss? Evil.

Man no longer sensitive no longer realizes goodness and badness for what it is, he can no longer feel so easily the apparent and real difference. The hypocrisy and deceit of society slowly creeps in, inverting truths, and man so dull never the wiser. This is where man has been lead. Anesthized and stupid, he has  walked right into hell.

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