Thursday, January 10, 2013

There is No Retreat From Leftism

There is no state at which the left will be satiated without the utter destruction of everything related to "higher nature" in life.

Leftist fundamentally hate anything which gives order. This is a fundamental state of always rebelling. Any restriction on the individual is something to be undermined and rejected. This began with God, the highest state of order and truth. Next it removed Kings and the aristocracy. Then it attacked the higher classes, the intelligent elite.

See a pattern?

They are never satisfied with simply destroying a particular part of the order. They want to destroy ALL order. They attack whatever is is the highest form of the order at the present time and will continue to attack and destroy the order the find.

Where now do they strike?

We see them attacking "the rich" - people who produce and provide jobs, who provide the majority of government and tax revenue and pay for all welfare and entitlement programs. They attack whites, the segment of the population that tends to vote the most conservative, who commits the least amount of crime and tend to be the most ordered and productive - the originators of Western Civilization which the left hates because it is the most organized and highest form of civilization.

In a remarkably cogent blog entry, Mark Richardson shows (1) that according to liberalism, all whites are racist; (2) that “anti-racism” is therefore simply a campaign to destroy the white race and its civilization; and (3) that liberals hate the white race because they see it as a symbol of the spiritual order or authority that is external to the self and thus limits the freedom of the self. In short, liberals hate whites, and thus their own whiteness, for the same reason that they hate God.

What the left also hates is pointing out the fundamental lies of their argument, such as clear IQ differences among ethnic groups, the truth of entitlements draining society and destroying, the truth of "aid programs" to countries like Africa doing more harm than good, the truth that guns actually reduce incidences of crime. The left is essentially hypocritical, inverting all goodness and making it evil. From a Christian perspective, the left is fundamentally and essentially liars: their works are evil, opposed to God. A mythical interpretation would be that the left is above all Satanic, born of evil and lies.

Because of this, there is no retreat. Every inch given does not reduce the intensity of attack. They will not be stop until all is destroyed and sacrificed upon the alter of evil. Even then, they will never find satisfaction in this life or in the realm of Hell. That is their curse and essential trait, disguised and built on a throne of lies.

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