Sunday, January 13, 2013

Multiculturalism is Incompatible With Truth

The ideal of a multicultural Democracy is incompatible with truth and wisdom. Because the most important topics contain truths which are politically incorrect in a pluralistic society, the left constantly pushes society away from truth and towards the abyss of hypocrisy and lies. Public education purposely ignores or distorts essential topics like death, religion, morals, intelligence and race.

Public education dares not teach anything worth teaching because politically it is incompatible with a multicultural society. Therefore, public education does the youth of Western civilization not merely a disservice, but a great evil. Religious truths are not acceptable, because not everyone accepts the same religious truths. Morals are not acceptable, because they are tied to different cultures and often conflict. Instead we get a meaningless drivel that only prepares students to be obedient to bureaucracy and salaried positions. 

Our population is raised foremost to be obedient to bureaucracy from a very early age. The inconsistency and stupidity of teachings are aware to many youth, who are quickly trained to not speak out for fear of being punished and reprimanded (such as through the grading system) for being too intelligent about obvious truths and not accepting the leftist cult's lies. 

It is no wonder our last election went to the Democrats. The Democrats avoid discussing all critical and important topics and make empty promises and constant lies. These lies though are the socially acceptable things to talk about as per our public education and media system. 

This major flaw at the core of multicultural Democracy is perfectly reflected in our failure to address the fundamental and imminent collapse of the US economic system. We keep postponing the obvious and inevitable collapse, making empty promises about "recovery" and "growth" on TV, while pursuing the same strategy as a third-world dictatorship: just print money and inflate the currency. Our society had no hope of providing to our posterity or even addressing the imminent question of death that every human faces. Instead we just turn the volume a little higher on the entertainment and try not to notice the chest pains and tingling in our arm.

Our society is fundamentally and essentially incompatible with truth. Because of this, it does both a great harm and evil to its populace and the natural world. Death is the greatest of these truths we try to avoid, and as such we remain blind to it: so blind and oblivious that it is the exact destination we aim towards with ever greater speed, because to avert this course would first require to acknowledge it and allow the entire tower of leftist lies to collapse.

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