Sunday, January 20, 2013

Satan's Rule Over the World

Men who seek to be moral and good may find their drive for worldly power limited by these things. Or another way to put it, realize that the drive for worldly power should not be the primary end of man. For example, if the pursuit of power depended on murdering a good man, Christians would oppose this evil. Even without Christianity, the vast majority of people realize that taking innocent lives is wrong - a natural morality.

The anthropomorphic creature that best represents evil and immorality may be defined as Satan. So we could say, Satan and his minions, or those who willingly do evil to reach a specific goal or purposefully do evil because it is who they are will not have the above issue. The father of lies will of course lie, constantly and always wherever and whenever. They would also disobey or break any natural or Biblical morality.

So in a Democratic society, the foundation of power is based on the manipulation of people. Obviously, those who are evil will have more sway over an evil, stupid, or morally-ambivelant populace. The evil will not stop at lying, murder, theft, etc. to achieve and hold on to power. So without a good person or people directly opposing evil, in an environment where manipulation determines power, evil will naturally triumph. Democracy stands, by nature, in favor of evil and only avoids evil by the specific and constant activity of good people. This could be contrasted with a divine Kingship which stands, by nature, oriented towards good.

So in the present modern materially-focused West, which denies the existence of evil, we find a society essentially oriented in favor of evil and all its related effects (lying, theft, adultery, sodomy, etc.) and away from immaterial and transcendent good. Unfortunately, all mass media and most mainstream culture at the current time is not just ignorant of good, but disrespectful of it. It is essentially bad. In a society where everyone is permissive and accepting of evil, Satan tends to triumph in worldly affairs.

Many realize to dominate in the material world and permissive society requires an immoral attitude, that sees no essential, natural, or religious boundaries to behavior. This person is willing to do great harm for personal gain, without regard for the consequences other people and society in general suffer, ignoring what is good, eternal, transcendent and true. Here we see the notion: they sacrifice or sell their souls for material gain. They may rule during their brief lifespan in this world, but they suffer eternally. They may knowingly make this exchange, even passing on solely-material worldly rule and power to their children.
The LORD is longsuffering, and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation.
Even with these sacrifices, eventually worldly power even kept in families wanes. Satan's rule is restricted to this world and those souls that give themselves over. There is still great good in the world, though man has fallen, and God heeds prayer and intervenes with miracles.

So while a good man may not sacrifice his soul, may forsake some material gain for his moral character's sake, he finds a dimensionally different and infinitely greater good instead.

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