Sunday, January 20, 2013

God's Truth in Nature

There is a sort of schizophrenia in the left. A mental illness that is essential to the left, without which it would perish.

In this is why the left ultimately must and will fail. The left is a careful balance between incoherent, illogical, unreal principles and scientific discovery. The increase in scientific society has allowed the left to overcome nature (i.e. against God), but at the same time because real science is based on discovering God's truth, to understanding God's creation, the left is essentially opposed to scientific discovery.

For example, in regards to racial differences, the left is completely and totally opposed to scientific discoveries. The overwhelming proof of distinct IQ differences between races is routinely and completely suppressed. Mention of these differences could even lead to career suicide, yet the left's platform of "affirmative action" and wealth redistribution is essentially and completely based on these same racial differences. Scientific success in the material realm that allows for greater societal wealth is enabling us to try and pretend all races and individuals are somehow equal, and the left enforces this through political and legal means, yet at the same time the left is totally and essentially opposed to any mention of the scientific truth in this regard.

So the left attempts to invert religious truth by claiming it is in opposition to nature. Not in the sense that we should overcome base natural tendencies, but in the denial of truth as found in nature. Homosexuality is obviously not beneficial to the propagation of genetic material, and traditional religious recognize it as a subversion of God's natural order towards reproduction, yet the left attacks the religious perspective from grounds enabled by scientific discoveries, the enjoyment of luxury that permits a person to make a bad choice and disconnect from reality. The left has become so disconnected from reality that they no longer recognize the disconnect. They honestly and sincerely believe their own lies.

The sincerity of belief will be the ultimate failure. When they become so disconnect from all good things that they do not recognize the harm they are running towards, when they throw away what enables their disconnect - as they do more so every day - they undermine their own foundation, or commit suicide. This could also be seen as God's justice. By denying God, by denying the truth and reality as found in His creation, by acting in purposefully harmful and destructive ways they work to destroy themselves.

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