Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Leftism and Choice

Leftists have a deep problem with the concept of free-choice. They argue "if God exists and is all good, he should not permit evil."

Let's explore the two possible outcomes from this line of thought:

1) God should allow for all choices to result in good (and not suffering):

This is a loudly praised idea among mainstream liberal society. Tolerance and acceptance of all choices. Nobody should be made to suffer for the consequences of their actions, whether they result in death, obesity, AIDs, child molestation, etc.

The fundamental absurdity of this position is immediately apparent once stated so simply: if all choices were equal and good, choice loses all meaning - becomes non-existant, meaningless. This leftist position is indefensible and a fundamental denial of reality.

2) God should prevent us from making bad choices:

Here we see the foundation of the "nanny state," where children (and even adults) are no longer trusted with pocket knives. Where every corner must be carefully wrapped in styrofoam, etc. Increasingly also we see a totalitarian police force monitoring, watching, and forbidding bad choices. Liberals think God made a mistake in allowing the possibility of suffering that results from bad choices and instead would like to prevent us from making bad choices. They want to force us to make what they have defined as good choices: equality, wealth redistribution, etc.

Another outgrowth of this is the constant and incessant propaganda, manipulation and persuasion techniques taken and expressed through mainstream media and government mouthpieces. Where they can't monitor and physically force, they would like the mental control to prevent us from exercising free choice.

The consequence of this choice also becomes obvious when so stated: automatons.


So we see in mainstream society two main liberal trends. On the one hand, we must be tolerant and accepting of all choices. On the other, we should be forced into behaving properly. More specifically, this has taken the following form: we must be tolerant and accepting of all leftist choices (whatever may be in trend/favor at this time, but always anti-family, anti-tradition, anti-west) and we must be increasingly forced physically and mentally to act leftist, to chose leftist either because we're "tolerant" of it or because we are mentally conditioned to chose it, or because we are afraid of the physical repercussions of not choosing it.

Where does this lead? To Hell on earth: man's attempt at subverting and inverting the will of God.

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