Friday, December 7, 2012

The Slouching of Humanity

The pursuit of comfort is the anti-goal of the modern world and an essential attribute of our slow decay - our slouching towards a gaping void.

The focus of our people is on material comfort. The announced goal of our democratically elected salesmen: to provide more comfort for as many people as possible.

We are now all hospice patents on our deathbeds. Our own goal and the verbal goal of our caretakers: to ease the pain until we die. Not just any death, not a death with the hope of something after or even the fear of spiritual tragedy, but the death of nothingness - pure material decay.

Rejecting both the tragic heroism of our pagan ancestors and the eternal hope of a Christian afterlife - we dropped our gaze downward. We sat on the couch and never bothered getting up. Having no purpose in life, having no purpose in after-life, having no-thing except the present sensations of pleasure and pain, we have elected to flee from pain.

There are no goals worth pursuing nor hurdles to overcome. No hell to punish us. No God to reward us. Now we are bored - as little gods with equally worthless opinions we decided to distract ourselves for awhile until our equally pointless corpse finishes rotting away.

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