Sunday, December 30, 2012

Material Quantity ≠ Spiritual Good

No amount of quantity in any given dimension transfers to another dimension.

We live in a time of quantity in the material realm and cast an uncomfortable eye towards historic times of material limitation, though they were more spiritual and intelligent. Politically, we count votes. Economically, we count units of money. Nationally, we count population and GDP.

No amount of votes can transition dimensionally to any quantity of good decision. Even the smallest amount of good decision is infinitely superior to infinite numbers of votes. So to is one saint infinitely superior to billions of ignorant consumers.

Here we find the meaning behind the rich finding it difficult to enter Heaven. Being rich assumes a focus on gaining wealth, however infinite wealth will never equate any amount of spiritual good. Even should we collect the entire world's wealth, should we ignore the spirit we will find at death how poor we are.

Imagine a one dimensional line. No matter how long the line extends in length, even infinitely, it will never cross-dimensions to also contain within it width.

No matter how much wealth our age succeeds in collecting, or population it succeeds in creating, or technology it succeeds in inventing these things may not cross dimensions to any amount of spiritual good. These things will never, in themselves, lead to Heaven. To find Heaven we must seek spiritual truth, though we moderns may start with little, for in this dimension all our possessions account for nothing.

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