Friday, November 23, 2012

Universal Acceptance is Ultimate Denial

By "universal acceptance" I am referring to the idea of accepting everything as good. The idea that all choices, ideas, opinions and philosophies should and need to be accepted. A truly liberal, open-mindedness in complete acceptance.

Liberals like this idea. The idea that no individual can be judged as right or wrong for their beliefs, choices, or actions. Liberals think this sounds very good. Very politically correct. All-embracing, all accepting.

The problem is that, in reality, it is a philosophy of truth denial. It is Nihilism - barely disguised. For to accept all-things means to deny from any-thing the possibility of ultimate truth. To accept bad as equal to good is to effectively deny good.

This is problem at the root of many modern euphemisms: equality, open-mindedness, acceptance. They are in fact the opposite of what they claim to be. They effectively destroy good through denial while pretending to create more of it through acceptance.

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