Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Family

In our investigation into the nature of reality and God, much seems to rest on the simplest things. Specifically, the family appears to be central to our understanding. That is, every aspect is reflective of both the message of Christ and our relationship with God.

As children, our hope, fears, and faith our placed on parents. The same is our relationship with God throughout our entire lives. As a parent, we ideally exercise personal live towards our children - interest in their development and progress towards adults. It appears God's relationship to us is similar.

The ideal family relationship is often reflected in exercising unselfish love towards one another. This often expands to our extended family, whom are naturally the first we look for with assistance in times of trouble.

Christianity as a whole has always propagated this idea, though it is especially emphasized in Mormon theology.

Familial love, children, marital partnership - these essential aspects of our humanity and understanding Christ and our relationship with God.

Of course, these same things are specifically undermined in the modern world. It seems, top down, to be an attempt to subvert this archetype of our relationship with God. The sexual revolution undermines the unique and sacred marital relationship, and specifically its supernatural and material link to children. The "right" to separate this role from the creation of children, and more specifically the right to murder undesired children. The easy with which one can separate the scared marital union. Finally, of course, of late is the undermining of marriage itself. The corruption and mocking of its meaning and attack on the reality of gender itself. The delaying of children, the subversion of this most important role for women.

It is, not only the archetype of our relationship with God, but of course it is the most important thing to man himself - by extension community, ethnicity, country. That is, so goes family so goes man.

To step away from the cynicism and evil of this is to celebrate God and most important. That is, to make family the most important thing next to God. To embrace it, to make it a priority.

What churches are emphasizing this? What churches are celebrating it in its proper role as the most important thing? Who dares to stand for God in the face of rampant subversion and evil?

That is no exaggeration, for man himself is nought without our familial relations to one another and God Himself.

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